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Contractor Management Software

Job number creation against client code. Assign internal departments for different job types. Mutliple cost and charge rates. Track non chargeable hours.

Multi tabbed main job window allows users to view all details relating to selected job number , view and adjust timesheets , purchase order items and stock items - instantly see job profit figures.

Purchase orders - print or email , debtor invoices and progress claims print or email. Post purchase orders , debtors invoices , client and supplier cards into MYOB and Quickbooks no double data entry

Multitude of reports - Sales Journal showing MYOB values for easy auditing , debtors and creditors aged in summary and detailed format , monthly statements , work in progress report , department report , employee labour report and GST Report

Create quotes for clients , transfer quotes into jobs , email or print quotes , stock list can be used for quoting and job costing , record client and supplier contact details , record client site details , maintain an equipment list for clients and schedule maintenance

In todays contracting world information is power - emails and attachments can be saved against a job number , the attachments can be PDF documents , word documents , excel spreadsheets and images (tiff,jpeg). This allows all users instant access to information rather than searching through users email programs.

TechData Software does not force annual upgrades - client's can customise when and if they have requirements. Let our Job Costing Software suite your business not your business suite the software.